First Round:
$16 per adult
$14 per child (12 and Under)
Children 3 and under play free

Second Round:
Half Price

Follow These Rules On Your Journey!

  • No more than 6 golfers per group
  • After reaching the green, the golfer nearest the cup putts until their ball is in the cup. Golfer with best score tees off first on the next hole.
  • If an obstacle prevents a golfer from putting, their ball may be moved one club head away from the obstacle.


  • Out of Bounds: 1 stroke
  • Lost Ball: 2 Strokes

Safety first!

  • Let smaller or faster groups ahead of you.
  • Do not tee off until the group before you has
    completely left the green


  • Stay on the greens and walkways at all times
  • Be safe and courteous
  • Have fun!


  • Run
  • Swing putters carelessly
  • Bring alcholic beverages onto the course

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